If you will be having your ceremony and/or reception at a Hawaii State beach or park a permit from the state is required. It is up to the wedding couple to secure the permit using the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources website at

If you are having your wedding and/or reception at a Hawaii State Beach or Park it is strongly recommended to acquire the required permit for your event. If you are caught without a permit there is a $5,000 fine. Below is an overview of options on acquiring the public liability insurance the State of Hawaii requires to issue a event permit for State parks and beaches.

The State of Hawaii’s terms of use for a wedding are featured at

Information on applying for the permit to have your wedding and/or reception at a State Beach Park or State Park is featured at

For the permit you will apply through the State of Hawaii Wiki Permit process. The State requires a Public Liability Policy.
There are typically two options:

Option One: For individuals who are also homeowners: Contact your agent and see if the insurance company is willing to extend the homeowner's insurance coverage to this event. There are usually three main issues: (1) most homeowner’s insurance is for $300,000 of liability coverage, but typically the insurance can be increased to the $1,000,000 required by the State of Hawaii's Wiki Permits for a nominal fee; (2) the State of Hawaii must be named as an additional insured on the homeowner's 01/13/16 (km) Page 5 policy for the date(s) of the event; "proof of insurance" or a mere "certificate of insurance" that does not specify the State of Hawaii as an additional insured will not suffice; (3) the location should be described on the certificate as "State of Hawaii beach" or "State of Hawaii, [name of site]".

Option two: For individuals who are not homeowners: The insurance industry typically describes this type of policy as "special event" or "private event insurance".

A Google-search for "special event insurance" or "private event insurance" or “wedding insurance” will yield a number of companies that offer policies for one or two day events. Currently, these policies can be obtained starting at about $75 total for the $1,000,000 of liability coverage required by the State of Hawaii's Wiki Permits. When purchasing a special event or private event insurance policy, please take care to (1) check the box to add the venue as an additional insured; and (2) when describing the location, please state, "State of Hawaii, [name of site]." You may be requested to provide an address – however, beaches and shoreline areas typically do not have an address. We recommend that you do not put “Hawaii” into your search for insurance; the major companies offering event insurance are national companies not based in Hawaii. You can receive a quote on a policy at these following services:

The Event Helper

Special Event Insurance

Markel Event Insurance


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