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Island Images
Card Memory Game!

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Page 1                                            Page 2

Hawaiian Icon Memory Card Game
You'll need:
4 sheets plain white printer paper
Some white glue
Scissors or utility knife
Optional: Metal ruler, colored highlighter pens, construction paper

*Parents Please do not let children use sharp tools!

This cute Memory Game has unique icons created by us to make you smile and test your brain! Print TWO COPIES of either or both of the pages to the right.Cut between the squares and turn over so the images are faced down. Players take turns flipping over pieces to try to match pairs of icons. The most matches wins! Below are step by step instructions with photos on creating your FREE memory card game! Aloha!

Click here to print out page 1 of 20 Hawaiian Images (don't forget to print 2 copies)
Click here to print out page 2 of 20 Hawaiian Images (don't forget to print 2 copies)

step 1
We're starting with 2 copies of Sheet #1 and two plain sheets.
step 2
On a sheet of newsprint to keep clean, flip over a printed sheet & apply glue all over it.
Use a criss-cross pattern with the nozzle against the paper to thoroughly cover the surface. Tip: You can use 2 pcs.construction paper of the same color for the back.
step 4
Line up the corners and press on a piece of plain paper. If you can't see the images through the printer paper you're using you can skip these gluing steps altogether!
step 5
The page on the left doesn't have the backing glued on it yet and you can see right through! There's no challenge in that!
step 6
Once the glue is dry, about an hour, use your scissors or utility knife to separate the icons. *Parents! Please do not allow children to use sharp tools!
step 7
Trim the pages the long way first then the individual game pieces.*Parents! Please do not allow children to use sharp tools!
step 8
Now you've got two of each Hawaiian Icon (Forty Pieces!) and you're ready to play!

step 9
Lay the pieces out on a table or on the floor.

Here's Some Extra Tips!
Print one more page and use a single icon, like the grass shack for instance, so you have three of them. Tell the players that there are three of the grass shack and whoever reveals all three wins a special prize!

Use both pages for an 80 piece game!

For more colorful game pieces, use HiLiter markers to scribble on the back before you trim out the pieces!

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