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Hawaiian Word Games!

Hawaiian Word Mingle Game:
The Hawaiian word game is a great way get your luau guests to mingle, especially if it's the first time many of them are meeting.
You will need:
Plain labels or stickers to write on
Names of all of your guests
List Hawaiian vocabulary words and their English translations
Pens and/or pencils

Preparation prior to luau:
1) Create name badges for each guest using the labels/stickers and markers. Under each persons name put a Hawaiian word or phrase with the English translation.
2) Create list of just the Hawaiian words & phrases used on the name badges and make a copy of the list for each guest WITHOUT the English translations.

Click here for a list of Hawaiian words and phrases!

At the luau:
As each guest arrives provide them with a name badge, the list of Hawaiian words/phrases WITHOUT the English translations, and a pen/pencil. Advise each guest to go meet the other guests and read their name tag to find the English translations to the Hawaiian words and phrases. When they find a translation they are to put the English meaning next to the Hawaiian word/phrase. After an hour of mixing have your guests put their name on their list of translations and turn them in. Award a prize to the person with the most correct translations.


Learn Some Hawaiian Game
Create a list of Hawaiian words with their English translations. Give each guest a list to study for 2 minutes. Collect all the lists with the translations. Then hand out a pen/pencil and a list of just the Hawaiian words (mix them up in a different order than the first list). Give everyone one minute to put down the English translation. After one minute read out the translations. The person with the most correct wins.

Click here for a list of Hawaiian words and phrases!


Hawaii Pictionary
Items Needed:
2 Pads of Paper or 1 Easel with large pad of paper or a Wipe Board or a Chalk Board

Create sheets of paper with names of items, places, and Hawaii theme things. Create two teams and flip a coin to see who goes first. Each team then alternates turns. The first player from team one pulls a piece of paper and must make drawings to give their team members clues to what the Hawaiian theme item they are drawing. The team members have 2 minutes to make a correct guess. If they do not correctly guess then team two can guess to steal the point. Team two then has one team member pull a piece of paper and so on. The first team to reach 10 points wins.

Ideas for Hawaii theme items to have them draw: Diamond Head, snorkeling, hula dancer, ukulele, grass shack, surfing, surfboard, lei, flip flop, waterfall, palm tree, Arizona Memorial, pineapple, waves, rainbow, coconut, aloha shirt, volcano, canoe, turtle

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