Listen to Hawaii Radio Stations using the Internet!

You can enjoy listening to radio stations in Hawaii no matter where in the world you are! This is also a good resource to research stations to listen to while in the Hawaiian Islands.


Click on the radio stations button to go to their web site with streaming radio play.

KINE 105FM - Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian Music

KCCN 100FM - Contemporary Hawaiian and Reggae

KSSK 96 FM - Hawaiian, Top 40, and Soft Rock

KTUH 90.3 FM - College Radio - Classical to Punk they play it all. Play list schedule posted.

STAR 101.9FM - Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Punk, Ska

K-POI105.9FM - Classic Rock

KKCR 90.9FM and 91.9FM - Hawaiian, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Classical and World Artists

Hawaiian Rainbow - Hawaiian Music

ISLAND 98.5 - Hawaiian Music and Reggae

The Fish 95.5FM - Christian Worship Music

KAPA 100.3FM - Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian Music

Kool Gold 107.9FM - Oldies, Hawaiian, Top 40, and Soft Rock

KHCM 97.5FM - Country

KQMQ Da Pa'ina 93.1FM - Hawaiian Music and Reggae

Hawaii Public Radio - News, Music, and more!

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