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First Names Beginning in "O" Translated into Hawaiian!

We feature over 4,000 phonetic Hawaiian name translations. This is a great resource if  if you are looking for a baby/pet name or to translate the names of your Hawaii theme party guests. 

When outsiders began visiting Hawaii adaptations were made to “translate” non-Hawaiian names to “Hawaiian names” phonetically based on the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. The 5 vowels a,e,i,o and u as well as the 8 consonants h,k,l,m,n,p, w and ' (which is called a glottle stop) make up the entire Hawaiian alphabet. In the Hawaiian language a consonant is always followed by a vowel which also means all Hawaiian words end in a vowel. Please note that the glottal stop is not used in phonetic name translations, just literal Hawaiian words.

Names and words are more easily pronounced when they are broken down into single syllable chunks. Take the name of Hawaii ’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and pronounce it hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-a-pu-a-a.  Phonetically pronounced who-moo-who-moo-new-coo-new-coo-ah-poo-ah-ah. Sometimes the letter W is pronounced the same as V as in the traditional pronunciation of Hawai'i which is phonetically pronounced huh-vi-ee rather than huh-why-ee. 

Stressed vowels
a - ah, as in car: aloha
e - a, as in may: nene
i - ee
, as in bee: honi
o - oh
, as in so: mahalo
u - oo
, as in spoon: kapu
Unstressed vowels
a - a, as in about: ali`i
e - eh, as in met: kane

A traditional Hawaiian name has a specific meaning behind it and is given to a child when they are born by a family elder.  The child is typically named after something that came to a family elder in a dream, by distinguishing characteristics the child displays when born, or characteristics the family would like the child to display. For example the woman’s name Lani means Heavenly.

The Hawaiian translations we provide are phonetic and have no intentional literal meanings. The translations are done based on the sounds the name makes when said and the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. Because there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian language there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation. In order to obtain a literal translation of a name you would need to know the literal meaning the name then translate it to the same exact meaning in Hawaiian. We do not offer this type of service.


Oanh - Oanaha
Oakley - Oakalei
Oakly - Oakali
Obama - Opama
Obdulia - Opukulia
Oberlein - Opeleine
Obi - Opi
Obinna - Opina
O'Brian - O'upuliana
O'Brien - O'upulieni
Ocean - Okeana
Oceana - Okeana
Ocie - Okie
Ocke - Okuke
Octavia - Okawia
Octavian - Okawiana
Octavio - Okawio
Octavius - Okawiuko
Odalis - Okalike
Odalys - Okalike
Oda Mae - Oka Mae
Odelia - Okelia
ODell - Oukeli
Oden - Okeni
Odessa - Okeka
Odette - Okeke
Odika - Okika
Odile - Okile
Odin - Okine
Ofelia - Opelia
Ofir - Opile
Oheneba - Ohenepa
Oichee - Oike
Oivind - Oiwineke
O'Keefe - O'ukepe
Okke - Oke
Oksana - Okukana
Ola - Ola
Olaitan - Olaikana
Olaf - Olapa
Olafemi - Olapemi
Olando - Olanako
Olav - Olawa
Ole - Ole 
Oleg - Oleki
Olga - Oleka
Ogden - Okukeni
Olgie - Olukie
Olgui - Olukui
Olene - Olene
Oleta - Oleka
Olihn - Olihene
Olimpia - Olimepia
Olin - Oline
Olive - Oliwa
Olivea - Oliwea
Oliver – Oliwa
Olivia - Oliwia
Olivya - Oliwia
Olla - Ola
Olle - Ole
Ollie - Olie
Olliffe - Olipe
Olly - Oli
Olsen - Olukeni
Olu- Olu
Oluseun - Olukeuno
Oluyemisi - Oluiemiki
Olya - Olia
Olympia - Olimipia
Oma - Oma
Omala - Omala
Omar -Omala
Omara - Omala
Omarax - Omalaka
Omari - Omali
Omayra - Omaila
Omeda - Omeka
Omega - Omeka
Omeishcia - Omeikekia
Omer - Omeli
Omita - Omika
Ona - Ona
Onalee - Onale
Onarga - Onaka
Ondine - Onukine
Ondra - Onukula
Ondria - Onukulia
Onecima - Onekima
Oneida - Oneika
O'Neil - O'uneile
Onesha - Oneka
Onesty - Oneki
Ong - Onu
Onieka - Onieka
Oniera - Oniela
Onika - Onika
Onis - Onike
Onnie - Onie
Onute - Onuke
Oola - Ola
Oona - Ona
Oonaleyna - Onaleina
Opal - Opala
Opallina - Opalina
Ophelia – Opelia
Opra - Opula
Oprea - Opulea
Ora - Ola
Oralia - Olalia
Oraphim - Olapime
Orbert - Olupeki
Ordra - Olukula
Orelia - Olelia
Oren - Oleni
Oretha - Oleka
Orestes - Olekeki
Oretta - Oleka
Ori - Oli
Oria - Olia
Orin – Olina
Orion - Olionu
Orisha - Olika
Orit - Olike
Orla - Ola
Orlaunda - Olaunoka
Orlandi - Olanaki
Orlando - Olanako
Orlanthia - Olanakia
Orlena - Olena
Orlene - Olene
Orlin - Orline
Orlinda - Olineka
Orlis - Olike
Orly - Oli
Ornelle - Olunele
Ornetta - Oluneka
Orpah - Olepa
Orpha - Olepa
Orris - Olika
Orson - Olukonu
OrvaLee - Oluwale
Orval - Oluwala
Orveline - Oluweline
Orvie - Oluwie
Orville- Oluwile
Osagyefo - Okakiepo
Osame - Okame
Osbaldo - Okupalo
Oscar - Oka
Oshaela - Okaela
O'Shay - O'ukai
O'shea - O'ukea
Oshea - Okea
O'shen - O'ukeni
Oshen - Okeni
Osie - Okie
Osman - Okumana
Osmond - Okumonuku
Ostara - Okala
Ostyn - Okine

Oswald - Okewoleka
Otelia - Okelia
Otha - Oka
Otilio - Okilio
Otis - Okike
Otto- Oka
Ovada - Owaka
Overlean - Oweleana
Ovidio - Owikio
Owen - Owena
Oxy - Oki
Oya - Oia
Ozen - Okeni
Ozlum - Okulumo
Ozzie - Okie
Ozzy - Oki

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