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First Names Beginning in "P" Translated into Hawaiian!

We feature over 4,000 phonetic Hawaiian name translations. This is a great resource if  if you are looking for a baby/pet name or to translate the names of your Hawaii theme party guests. 

When outsiders began visiting Hawaii adaptations were made to “translate” non-Hawaiian names to “Hawaiian names” phonetically based on the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. The 5 vowels a,e,i,o and u as well as the 8 consonants h,k,l,m,n,p, w and ' (which is called a glottle stop) make up the entire Hawaiian alphabet. In the Hawaiian language a consonant is always followed by a vowel which also means all Hawaiian words end in a vowel. Please note that the glottal stop is not used in phonetic name translations, just literal Hawaiian words.

Names and words are more easily pronounced when they are broken down into single syllable chunks. Take the name of Hawaii ’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and pronounce it hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-a-pu-a-a.  Phonetically pronounced who-moo-who-moo-new-coo-new-coo-ah-poo-ah-ah. Sometimes the letter W is pronounced the same as V as in the traditional pronunciation of Hawai'i which is phonetically pronounced huh-vi-ee rather than huh-why-ee. 

Stressed vowels
a - ah, as in car: aloha
e - a, as in may: nene
i - ee
, as in bee: honi
o - oh
, as in so: mahalo
u - oo
, as in spoon: kapu
Unstressed vowels
a - a, as in about: ali`i
e - eh, as in met: kane

A traditional Hawaiian name has a specific meaning behind it and is given to a child when they are born by a family elder.  The child is typically named after something that came to a family elder in a dream, by distinguishing characteristics the child displays when born, or characteristics the family would like the child to display. For example the woman’s name Lani means Heavenly.

The Hawaiian translations we provide are phonetic and have no intentional literal meanings. The translations are done based on the sounds the name makes when said and the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. Because there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian language there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation. In order to obtain a literal translation of a name you would need to know the literal meaning the name then translate it to the same exact meaning in Hawaiian. We do not offer this type of service.


Pa - Pa
Pablo - Papalo
Pace - Pake
Pacey - Pakei

Pacita - Pakika
Paco - Pako
Paden - Pakeni

Padi - Paki
Padmavathy - Pakamawaki
Padmé - Pakamaéa
- Paea
Paeng - Paeni

Paese - Paeke
Page - Pake

Paige - Peike
Paisley - Paikelei
Paiten - Paikeni
Pakee - Pake
Palak - Palaka
Pallas - Palaka
Palma - Palama
Palmer - Palameli
Palmira - Palamila
Paloma - Paloma
Pam - Pama
Pamela - Pamila
Pamita - Pamika
Panagioti - Panakioki
Pandora - Panakola
Pang - Pana
Pang Ib - Pana Ipe
Pankaj - Panakai
Pansy - Paneki
Pantelis - Panakelike
Pao - Pao
Paola - Paola
Paolo - Paolo
Paouline - Paouline
Paoulyne - Paouline
Papa - Papa
Papo - Papo
Par - Pala
Para - Pala
Parag - Palaka
Paralee - Palale
Paraskevi - Palakakewi
Pardis - Palakike
Paresh - Paleki
Parimal - Palimala
Paris - Palike
Parisa - Palika
Parke - Pake
Parker - Pakeli
Parks - Pakaka
Parley - Palei
Parminder - Palaminekeli
Parri - Pali
Parrish - Palike
Parth - Paka
Parul - Palulo
Parvathy - Palawaki
Parvender - Palawenikeli
Pary - Pali
Pascal - Pakakala
Pascoal - Pakakoala
Pascuala - Pakakuala
Pasha - Paka
Pashen - Pakeni
Pashoe - Pakoe
Pasquale - Pakakale
Pastel - Pakeli
Pastor - Pakolu
Pastora - Pakola
Pat - Paka
Pate - Pake
Patia - Pakia
Patience - Ahonui
Patira - Pakila
Paton - Pakonu
Patra - Pala
Patree - Pale
Patreena – Palena
Patrica - Palika
Patrice - Palike
Patricia - Pakelekia
Patricio - Palikio
Patrick - Pakelika
Patrik - Palike
Patrisha - Palika
Patrouski - Paloukoki
Patsy - Paki
Patterson - Pakelikonu
Patti - Paki
Patty - Paki
Paul - Paulo
Paula - Paula
Paulette - Poloke
Paulina - Paulina
Pauline - Polina
Paulius - Pauliuko
Paulo - Paulo
Paulon - Paulonu
Pavali - Pawali
Pavel - Paweli
Pavlo - Pawalo
Pavlos - Pawaloku
Paxton - Pakakonu
Payal - Paiala
Payam - Paiama
Payge - Paike
Payne - Paine
Payton -Paikonu
Paz - Paka
Peace - Peake
Peach - Peaka
Peaches - Peakeki
Pealer - Pealeli
Peanut - Peanuko
Pearl - Momi
Pearla - Peala
Pearline - Pealine
Pearly - Peali
Pearson - Pealakonu
Peathon - Peakonu
Pebbles - Pepileki
Pedro - Pekelo
Peer-Marie - Peli-Imalie
Peet - Peki
Peg - Peki
Peggie - Pekie
Peggy - Peki
Pei Ghee - Pei Kahe
Peighton - Peikehekonu
Pekelo - Pekelo
Pek Hoon - Peki Honu
Pellagia - Pelakia
Pempi - Pemipi
Penelope - Penelope
Penny - Peni
Penson - Penikonu
Penthea - Penikea
Peony - Peoni
Pepe - Pepe
Pepi - Pepi
Pepper - Pepeli
Pepsi - Pepiki
Per - Peli
Percy - Peleki
Perfecto - Pelipeko
Peri - Peli
Perilla - Pelila
Perkin - Pekine
Perla - Pela
Pernell - Pelineli
Pernilla - Pelinila
Perri - Peli
Perrin - Peline
Perrine - Peline
Perris - Pelike
Perry - Peleki
Persephone - Pelikepone
Persia - Pelikia
Persis - Pelikike
Parvin - Palawine
Peta - Peka
Pete - Peke
Petelle - Pekele
Peter - Pika
Peterson - Pekelikonu
Pathmakumar - Pakamakumala
Petra - Pela
Petter - Pekeli
Pettis - Pekike
Petula - Pekula
Peyten - Peikeni
Peyton - Peikonu
Pfeiffer - Papeipeli
Phaidra - Paikela
Phalisha - Palika
Phanh - Panaha
Pharaby - Palapi
Phayvanh - Paiwanaha
Pheav - Peawa
Phebe - Pepe
Phediana - Pekiana
Phedra - Pekila
Phelly - Peli
Phenix - Penike
Phil - Pili
Philamer - Pilameli
Philana - Pilana
Philanh - Pilanaha
Philbrick - Pilepelikeke
Philicia - Pilikia
Philine - Piline
Philip - Pilipo
Philippa - Pilipa
Philippe - Pilipe
Phill - Pile
Phillip - Pilipo
Philipose - Pilipoke
Phillippe - Pilipe
Phillips - Pilipeke
Philomina - Pilomina
Phim - Pime
Phinnaeus - Pinaeuko
Phi Phi - Pi Pi
Phoebe - Po'ipe
Phoenix - Poenike
Phoua - Poua
Phuc - Puko
Phuong - Puonu
Phyl - Pile
Phylicia - Pilikia
Phyllida - Pilika
Phyllis - Piliki
Pia - Pia
Piaman - Piamana
Picasso - Pikako
Pichi - Piki
Pierce - Pielike
Pierre - Piele
Pierrick - Pielikeke
Piers - Peliki
Pierson - Pielikonu
Piet - Pieki
Pietra - Piela
Pietro - Pielo
Pilar - Pilala
Pilece - Pileke
Piluca - Piluka
Pina - Pina
Pining - Pinine
Ping - Pine
Pinky - Pineki
Pio-Pyo - Pio-upio
PiPa - Pipa
Pipay - Pipai
Piper - Pipeli
Pisey - Pikei
Piyush - Piiuko
Placido - Palakiko
Pleas - Paleaka
Plexico - Palekiko
Plez - Paleki
Pliny - Palini
Plummer - Palumeli
Poana - Poana
Poe - Poe
Pogisa - Pokika
Poh Yin - Pohu Iine
Poi - Poi
Polet - Poleki
Poliana - Poliana
Polya - Polia
Po-Lin - Po-uline
Polina - Polina
Polly - Pole
Pollyanna - Poliana
Pona - Pona
Ponceca - Ponukeka
Ponda - Ponuka
Ponder - Ponukeli
Pong - Ponu
Ponsi - Ponuki
Pooja - Poia
Poonam - Ponama
Poornima - Polunima
Pooveshini - Powekini
Popcorn - Popukolunu
Poppy - Popi
Porcha - Poluka
Porfidia - Polupikia
Porter - Pokeli
Portia - Polikia
Portz - Pokuku
Porya - Polia
Potter - Pokeli
Povl - Powulu
Prabhakar - Palapahakala
Prabhjot - Palapahioku
Prachi - Palaki
Praful - Palapulo
Praise - Palaike
Prakash - Palakaka
Pramila - Palamila
Pranav - Palanawa
Prapti - Palapaki
Prasad - Palakaka
Prasanna - Palakana
Prashant - Palakanaka
Prashanti - Palakanaki
Prathyusha - Palakiuka
Pratiksha - Palakikeka
Pratima - Palakima
Pravallika - Palawalika
Praveen - Palaweni
Praxedes - Palakekeki
Prebah - Palepaha
Precious - Palekiouko
Prederick - Palekelikeke
Preece - Paleke
Preet - Paleki
Preeth - Paleki
Preetha - Paleka
Preeti - Paleki
Preetika - Palekika
Prem - Palemi
Premlatha - Palemilaka
Pren - Paleni
Preness - Paleneki
Prenna - Palena
Prentiss - Palenikike
Prescious - Palekikiouko
Presha - Paleka
Preslee - Palekile
Presley - Palekilei
Presslie - Palekilie
Prestine - Palekine
Preston - Pelekona
Preval - Palewala
Price - Palike
Priscilla - Pelekila
Primrose – Palimeloke
Prince - Palineke
Princess - Palinekeki
Printous - Palinekouko
Priska - Palikeka
Prissy - Paliki
Pristine - Palikine
Prithvri - Palikeweli
Pritpal - Palikepala
Priya - Paliia
Priyanka - Paliianaka
Promise - Palomike
Prommyse - Palomike
Prose - Paloke
Providence - Palowikenike
Providencia - Palowikenikia
Priscilla - Pelikila
Prisma- Palikima
Priya - Paliia
Promise - Palomike
Pru - Palu
Prudence - Pelukina
Prudencia - Palukenikia
Pryam - Paliama
Ptolemy - Pakolemi
Pui - Pui
Puiyan - Puiiana
Puff - Pupo
Punit - Punike
Purita - Pulika
Puring - Puline
Purshotam - Pulikokama
Purvi - Pulowi
Pushpa - Pukopa
Putzie - Pukokie
Pyong - Pionu
Pythagoras - Pikakolaka

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