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First Names Beginning in "V" Translated into Hawaiian!

We feature over 4,000 phonetic Hawaiian name translations. This is a great resource if  if you are looking for a baby/pet name or to translate the names of your Hawaii theme party guests. 

When outsiders began visiting Hawaii adaptations were made to “translate” non-Hawaiian names to “Hawaiian names” phonetically based on the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. The 5 vowels a,e,i,o and u as well as the 8 consonants h,k,l,m,n,p, w and ' (which is called a glottle stop) make up the entire Hawaiian alphabet. In the Hawaiian language a consonant is always followed by a vowel which also means all Hawaiian words end in a vowel. Please note that the glottal stop is not used in phonetic name translations, just literal Hawaiian words.

Names and words are more easily pronounced when they are broken down into single syllable chunks. Take the name of Hawaii ’s state fish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and pronounce it hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-a-pu-a-a.  Phonetically pronounced who-moo-who-moo-new-coo-new-coo-ah-poo-ah-ah. Sometimes the letter W is pronounced the same as V as in the traditional pronunciation of Hawai'i which is phonetically pronounced huh-vi-ee rather than huh-why-ee. 

Stressed vowels
a - ah, as in car: aloha
e - a, as in may: nene
i - ee
, as in bee: honi
o - oh
, as in so: mahalo
u - oo
, as in spoon: kapu
Unstressed vowels
a - a, as in about: ali`i
e - eh, as in met: kane

A traditional Hawaiian name has a specific meaning behind it and is given to a child when they are born by a family elder.  The child is typically named after something that came to a family elder in a dream, by distinguishing characteristics the child displays when born, or characteristics the family would like the child to display. For example the woman’s name Lani means Heavenly.

The Hawaiian translations we provide are phonetic and have no intentional literal meanings. The translations are done based on the sounds the name makes when said and the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. Because there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian language there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation. In order to obtain a literal translation of a name you would need to know the literal meaning the name then translate it to the same exact meaning in Hawaiian. We do not offer this type of service.


Vada - Waka
Vadelia - Wakelia
Valden - Waleni
Vadim - Wakime
Vahan - Wahana
Vahe - Wahe
Vahta - Wahaka
Vaidehi - Waikehi
Vaiden - Waikeni
Vail - Waile
Vaishali - Waikali
Vaishnavi - Waikenawi
Vaiti - Waiki

Val - Wale
Valaire - Walaile
Valaree - Walale
Valarie - Walalie
Valary - Walali

Valda - Wala
Valdean - Waleana
Valdis - Walike
Valeda - Waleka
Valeena - Walena
Valeene - Walene

Valen - Waleni
Valene - Walene
Valencia - Walenikia
Valente - Walenike
Valentina - Walenekina
Valentine - Walenekino
Valentino - Walenikino
Valera - Walela
Valeria - Waleia
Valerick - Walelikeke
Valerie - Walelia
Valesha - Waleka
Valeta - Waleka
Valicia - Walikia
Valicity - Walikiki
Valik - Walike
Valinda - Walineka
Valkyrie - Walakilie
Vallen - Waleni
Vallie - Walie
Vallier - Walieli
Valma - Walama
VaLorie - Walolie
Valouny - Walouni
Valynn - Waline
Valyssa - Walika
Van - Wana
Van Essen - Wana Ekeni
Vana - Wana
Vanastacia - Wanakakia
Vance - Wanake
Vanda - Wanaka
Vandell - Wanakeli
Vandra - Wanakala
Vandy - Wanaki
Vaneet - Waneki
Vaneka - Waneka
Vanesa - Waneka
Vanesha - Waneka
Vaneshree - Wanekile
Vanetta - Waneka
Vangie - Wanie
Yangste - Ianake
Vania - Wania
Vanidi - Waniki
Vanisha - Wanika
Vanita - Wanika
Vanessa - Waneka
Vania - Wania
Vaniece - Wanieke
Vanik - Wanike
Vanila - Wanila
Vannie - Wanie
Vanni - Wani
Vanney - Wanei
Vanny - Wani
Vansa - Wanaka
Vantanee - Wanakane

Vanya - Wania
Vaqas - Wakaka
Varee - Wale
Varinia - Walinia
Varley - Walei
Varo - Walo
Varrick - Walikeke
Varsha - Walaka
Vart - Waka
Varun - Waluno
Vasanth - Wakanaka
Vasanthi - Wakanaki
Vasanti - Wakanaki
Vasco - Wakako
Varshini - Walakini
Vashti - Wakaki
Vasile - Wakile
Vasili - Wakili
Vassy - Waki
Vasu - Waku
Vasyana - Wakiana
Vaughn - Wana
Veanna - Weana
Veatrice - Wealike
Vecile - Wekile
Veda - Weka
Vedia - Wekia
Vee - We
Veeders - Wekeliki
Veena - Wena
Veenisha - Wenika
Veeral - Welala
Veevo - Wewo
Vega - Weka
Vegard - Wekalaka
Vego - Weko
Vehlilah - Wehililaha
Vel - Weli
Velani - Welani
Velda - Wela
Veleka - Weleka
Veleria - Welelia
Velia - Welia
Velida - Welika
Velisa - Welika
Vellia - Welia
Vellinda - Welineka
Velma - Welama
Velora - Welola
Velta - Welika
Velvet - Weliweki
Venecia - Wenekia
Veneda - Weneka
Venee - Wene
Veneigh - Weneikehe
Venessa - Weneka
Vengelin - Weneline
Venita - Wenika
Venkata - Wenikaka
Venkatesh - Wneikakeki
Venna - Wena
Vennie - Wenie
Venonia - Wenonia
Venso - Weniko
Ventura - Wenikula
Venus - Wenuko
Veonna - Weona
Vera - Wila
Vercelly - Welikeli
Verda - Welika
Verdan - Welikana
Verdell - Welikeli
Verena - Welena
Verenya - Welenia
Verisha - Welika
Verl - Weli
Verla - Wela
Verlene - Welene
Veril - Welile
Verity - Weliki
Verlin - Weline
Verline - Weline
Verlis - Welike
Verman - Welimana
Verna – Welena
Vern - Welini
Vernard - Welinalaka
Verneda - Welineka
Vernel - Welineli
Verner - Welineli
Vernessa - Welineka
Vernie - Welinie
Vernique - Welinike
Vernita - Welinika
Vernon - Wenona
Vernus - Welinuko
Veron - Welonu
Verona - Welona
Veronica - Walonika
Veronike - Welonike
Veroniz - Welonike
Versary - Welikali
Versie - Welikie
Versil - Welikile
Verta - Weka
Vertlene - Wekilene
Very - Weli
Vesna - Wekina
Vesta - Weka
Vestie - Wekie
Veta - Weka
Veyda - Weika
Vi - Wi
Vianca - Wianaka
Vianne - Wiane
Vic - Wike
Vicci - Wiki
Vicente - Wikenike
Vichitra - Wikila
Vicki - Wiki
Vickie - Wikekie
Vicky - Wiki
Victor - Wikoli
Victoria - Wikolia
Victory - Wikoli
Vida - Wika
Vidal - Wikala
Vidhi  - Wikehi
Vidhya - Wikehia
Vidisha - Wikika
Vidya - Wikia
Vienna - Wiena
Viette - Wieke
Viggo - Wiko
Vihan - Winhana
Viivi - Wiwi
Vijay - Wiiai
Vijaya - Wiiaia
Viju - Wiiu
Vika - Wika
Vikki - Wiki
Vikraant - Wikelanaka
Vikram - Wikelama
Vilani - Wilani
Vilate - Wilake
Vile - Wile
Vileo - Wileo
Vilius - Wiliuko
Villa - Wila
Villaraza - Wilalaka
Villiera - Wiliela
Villiers - Wilieliki
Vilma - Wilema
Vilula - Wilula
Vima - Wima
Vimal - Wimala
Vina - Wina
Vinaya - Winaia
Vince - Winike
Vincent - Winikeneke
Vincenza - Winekenika
Vincetta - Winekeka
Vineta - Wineka
Vino - Wino
Vinson - Winekonu
Virian - Wiliana
Vinicius - Winikiuko
Virinda - Wilineka
Vinita - Winika
Vinnie – Wini
Viola - Wini
Violet - Waioleka
Violeta - Wioleka
Vipin - Wipine
Virdya - Wilekia
Virden - Wilekeni
Virga - Wika
Virgie - Wikie
Virgil - Wilikilia
Virgilie - Wikilie
Virgilio - Wikilio
Virgine - Wikine
Virginia - Wilikinia
Virginie - Wikinie
Virgis - Wikike
Vishal - Wikala
Vishnu - Wikenu
Vision - Wikionu
Visruti - Wikeluki
Vita - Wika
Vitaly - Wikali
Vito - Wiko
Vittario - Wikalio
Viv - Wiwe
Viva - Wiwa
Vivan - Wiwiana
Vivek - Wiweki
Vivi - Wiwi
Vivia - Wiwia
Vivian - Wiwiana
Viviana - Wiwiana
Viviane - Wiwiane
Vivianna - Wiwiana
Viviara - Wiwiala
Vivid - Wiwike
Viviene - Wiwiene
Vivienne - Wiwiene
Vivolyn - Wiwoline
Vlada - Walaka
Vladic - Walakike
Vladimir - Walakimile
Vo - Wo
Vogle - Wokule
Von - Wonu
Vonceil - Wonukeile
Vonda - Wonuka
Vondrenna - Wonukulena
Vone - Wone
Voneka - Woneka
Voni - Woni
Vonja - Wonia
VonJenay - Wonienai
Vonk - Wonuku
Vonne - Wone
Vonnetta - Woneka
Vonnie - Wonie
Vonsha - Wonuka
Vontaze - Wonukake
Vonya - Wonia
Voula - Woula
Voyd - Woike
Vreni - Waleni
Vrora - Walola
Vu - Wu
Vulloy - Wuloi
Vuong - Wuonu
Vy - Wi
Vyannis - Wianike
Vyju - Wiiu
Vynga - Wina
Vytas - Wikaka
Vytautas - Wikaukaka

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