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If you are having your wedding and/or reception at a Hawaii State Beach or Park it is strongly recommended to acquire the required permit for your event. If you are caught without a permit there is a $5,000 fine. Below is an overview of options on acquiring the public liability insurance the State of Hawaii requires to issue a event permit for State parks and beaches.

The State of Hawaii’s terms of use for a wedding are featured at 

Information on applying for the permit to have your wedding and/or reception at a State Beach Park or State Park is featured at

For the permit you will apply through the State of Hawaii Wiki Permit process. The State requires a Public Liability Policy.
There are typically two options:

Option One: For individuals who are also homeowners: Contact your agent and see if the insurance company is willing to extend the homeowner's insurance coverage to this event. There are usually three main issues: (1) most homeowner’s insurance is for $300,000 of liability coverage, but typically the insurance can be increased to the $1,000,000 required by the State of Hawaii's Wiki Permits for a nominal fee; (2) the State of Hawaii must be named as an additional insured on the homeowner's 01/13/16 (km) Page 5 policy for the date(s) of the event; "proof of insurance" or a mere "certificate of insurance" that does not specify the State of Hawaii as an additional insured will not suffice; (3) the location should be described on the certificate as "State of Hawaii beach" or "State of Hawaii, [name of site]".

Option two: For individuals who are not homeowners: The insurance industry typically describes this type of policy as "special event" or "private event insurance".

A Google-search for "special event insurance" or "private event insurance" or “wedding insurance” will yield a number of companies that offer policies for one or two day events. Currently, these policies can be obtained starting at about $75 total for the $1,000,000 of liability coverage required by the State of Hawaii's Wiki Permits. When purchasing a special event or private event insurance policy, please take care to (1) check the box to add the venue as an additional insured; and (2) when describing the location, please state, "State of Hawaii, [name of site]." You may be requested to provide an address – however, beaches and shoreline areas typically do not have an address. We recommend that you do not put “Hawaii” into your search for insurance; the major companies offering event insurance are national companies not based in Hawaii. You can receive a quote on a policy at these following services:

The Event Helper

Special Event Insurance

Markel Event Insurance