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Molokai, Hawaii Photo Gallery
Scenic Photos Around Molokai in 1999
Photographed by
Mike and Kim Crinella

We have only visited Molokai once, back in June 1999, for 3 days. This was before digital photography and these were scans taken from 3X5 printed photos. Although they are not very good quality we feel they are still worth sharing because of how beautiful Molokai was. We took a boat ride to the back side of Molokai, which is only accessible just a few months of the year due to violent currents and waves. It was a day after a landslide took place and we captured photos of the landslide. We absolutely LOVED Molokai and look forward to returning there in the future.

Please note we are not zoologists or botanists but we attempt to provide a correct identification for all photos featured. If you find we have misidentified any photo featured or know it by a different name please go to the contact page and submit the name of the photo as we have listed and your identification. All photos taken and copyrighted by Mike and Kim Crinella.


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