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The Hawaiian translations we provide are phonetic and have no intentional literal meanings. The translations are done based on the sounds the name makes when said and the Hawaiian alphabet and word structure. Because there are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian language there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation and NO LITERAL TRANSLATION OR MEANING. In order to obtain a literal translation of a name you would need to know the literal meaning the name then translate it to the same exact meaning in Hawaiian. We do not offer these types of translations.

"Q" First Names Translated Into Hawaiian

Qabil - Kapile

QayLyn - Kailine

Qa'Ticia - Ka'akikia

Qiana - Kiana

Qin - Kine

Qina - Kina

Qinyl - Kinile

Qinzhu - Kinekehu

Quade - Kake

Quaid - Kaike

Quake - Kake

Qualeem - Kalemi

Qualls - Kalaka

Quan - Kukana

Quana - Kukana

Quang - Ka'ana

Quaniesha - Kanieka

Quantavious - Kanakawiouko

Quantay - Kanakai

Quanterius - Kanakeliuko

Quantia - Kanakia

Quantricia - Kanalikia

Quardesha - Kalakeka

Quashaya - Kakaia

Qa'Sheen - Ka'akeni

Quay - Kae

Quayson - Kaekonu

Que - Ke

Queenester - Kenekeli

Queenie – Ku’ene

Quehnitah - Kehinikaha

Queint - Keineke

Quentin - Kenekina

Querube - Kelupe

Querubin - Kelupine

Quetzali - Kekikali

Quianna - Kiana

Quilla June - Kila Iune

Quimby - Kimepi

Quina - Kena

Quince - Kineke

Quincy - Kineki

Quindetta - Kinekeka

Quinetta - Kineka

Quinlan - Kainelana

Quinn - Kina

Quinny - Kini

Quintella - Kinekela

Quinten - Kinekeni

Quintessence - Kinekekenike

Quintez - Kinekeki

Quintin - Kinekine

Quinto -Kineko

Quinton - Kinekina

Quinyra - Kinila

Quira - Kila

Quishawn - Kikawana

Quixote - Kikoke

Qurum - Kulumo

|Qu' Shena - Ku'o Kena

Qutatsheia - Kukakeia

Quvante - Kuwanake

Quyen- Kieni

Quyenanh - Kienanaha

Qwan - Kawana

Qyla - Kila

Quynh - Kinehe

Qyyantahh - Kianakaha

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