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Pineapple Turkey Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Tutorial to Add a Fun Hawaii Twist to Thanksgiving Dinner

A Pineapple Turkey is easy to create for Thanksgiving and makes a very fun festive table centerpiece! This no sew tutorial will show step by step how to create a Pineapple Turkey and you can customize it with your own creative touches if you like. The head you will create to attach to the pineapple body can be reused year after year!

What you will need to create this adorable no-sew Pineapple Turkey Thanksgiving Centerpiece:

  • 1 Fresh Pineapple
  • Felt in colors of brown, red, yellow, white, black
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Glue Stick
  • Chalk
  • Sharpie
  • Bamboo Skewer
  • 1 Piece paper
  • 5 Tissues

Creating the Head

Use the head pattern provided above or create your own.

Cut out the paper pattern and trace with chalk onto felt. You will need 2 eyeballs, 2 pupils, 2 sides of head, 1 wattle, 1 beak.

Cut out all the pieces.

Put both sides of the head felt pieces together and trim to make them match.

Lay out the felt pieces with what will be the exterior facing down.
Place a skewer in middle of head.

Run a line of glue along the front of the neck, up and around the head, down the back of the head, and the back.


Match up and lay the opposing side on to the glue.

Stuff the head and neck with tissues or cotton balls.

Once stuffed close neck opening with glue.

Put a few drops of  glue on the the neck area and apply wattle.

Check that the angle of the wattle looks as you wish.

Fold beak into a triangle shape and glue edges together to form beak. It will look like a cone when completed.

Apply beak to head with a few drops of glue.

View of head before attaching eyes.

Assemble the eyes. Place a drop of glue on one of the black pupil circles then apply to a white eyeball, repeat.

Your turkey head is now complete!

Flat view.

View of both sides at once.

Place the pointed skewer end of the turkey head into the pineapple body base.

The Pineapple Turkey centerpiece is now ready to decorate your table.

Proudly display your Pineapple Turkey!

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