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for Weddings, Elopements, Civil Unions, and Vow Renewals

Marriage is the unity of two hearts, minds and lives. The commitment, dedication, and sacrifices required by marriage should not be taken lightly or entered into without serious consideration. Weddings, elopements, civil unions, and vow renewals are a time to celebrate and proclaim your love in a serious and fun celebration. I perform non-religious love centric ceremonies for traditional and same sex couples in locations like beaches, backyards, parks, gardens and homes.  I am willing to travel to unique locations for the wedding ceremony and for fun themed weddings am willing to dress in costume for the ceremony or dress in more traditional Wedding Minister attire. I am based on the island of Oahu and am licensed to officiate marriages, elopements, civil unions, and vow renewals throughout the state of Hawaii.

I am Officiant Kim Crinella and my non-religious ceremonies for weddings, elopements, civil unions, and vow renewals celebrate the love of the couple. I offer two different officiant packages depending on the type of service you would like.

Discuss with your significant other what would make your wedding ceremony meaningful to you both. Contact me and I will work with you to answer questions, finalize the details, secure the date/time, and create a beautiful ceremony for you. Witnesses are not required in the state of Hawaii for marriage ceremonies. I accept and do my best to provide services for last minute and same day wedding, elopement, civil union, and vow renewals.

The full service officiant package includes where your ceremony is customized to reflect you, the couple, and may include incorporating your own vows as well as special ceremonies like a lei exchange, sand unity ceremony, other unity ceremony or wedding traditions with no additional fee. If you do not want to write your own vows for the ring exchange I will create vows for you at no additional fee. Ceremonies can be non-religious and love centric or I am able to write special ceremonies for themed or costumed weddings or vow renewals and officiate them with or without costume.

Full Service Package Includes:

❤ Up to 1 hour pre-wedding consultation on the phone or in person

❤ Custom non-religious love centric ceremony script or theme ceremony script
❤ Unlimited wedding traditions incorporated into script

❤ Licensed wedding officiant

❤ Wedding license application instructions

❤ Up to 1 hour at wedding ceremony location anywhere on the island of Oahu

❤ Same day online submission of marriage certification with the State
Full Service Officiant Package for Wedding or Vow Renewal $225


My $225 fee includes the full service officiant package described above with custom ceremony script and/or vows, unlimited unity/lei exchange/wedding traditions incorporated into ceremony plus travel to ceremony location anywhere on Oahu. It does not include costume fee should you request a special costume be worn for your theme. Any cost of admission to your choice of ceremony location would be additional. I have wooden bowls that can be used if you want to incorporate a sand unity ceremony. The couple is responsible for providing supplies for traditions, unity ceremony, and lei exchanges incorporated into the ceremony. Leis are not provided.

Wedding Client Ashlee B. Quote: "Thanks to Kim's positive nature and quick thinking our wedding ceremony went smooth despite us forgetting the leis for the lei exchange! She made our mistake into a funny memory. I really appreciated her services not only on wedding day but before and after. She was very helpful answering questions about the wedding license application and the receiving of the marriage certificate, along with other random wedding questions. I could not have chosen a better officiant for my wedding! Thank you Kim!"


For couples who just want a beautiful simple non-religious ceremony that focuses on their love I offer a discounted simple wedding officiant service where a standard love inspired ceremony has your names inserted and no other customization except a lei exchange or a sand unity ceremony may be incorporated if desired.

Simple Service Package Includes:

❤ Names of couple inserted into non-religious love centric ceremony script
❤ Optional incorporation of lei exchange or sand unity ceremony

❤ Licensed wedding officiant

❤ Wedding license application instructions

❤ Up to 1 hour at wedding ceremony location anywhere on the island of Oahu

❤ Same day online submission of marriage certification with the State

Simple Vow Renewal Ceremony $150

Simple Wedding Ceremony $180


The simple wedding officiant package is $150 for vow renewal and $180 for wedding ceremonies. The simple wedding officiant package is for Oahu ceremonies only and there is a $50 travel fee added to simple ceremony packages with ceremony locations: east of Waikiki, West of Kapolei, on the Windward side, and North Shore areas past Haleiwa Beach Park. Any cost of admission to your choice of ceremony location would be additional. I have wooden bowls that can be used if you want to incorporate a sand unity ceremony. The couple is responsible for providing leis for lei exchanges incorporated into the ceremony. Leis are not provided.

Vow Renewal Client Thom G. Quote: "Kim...thank you SO much for making this happen on such short notice. Nancy was surprised...and the ceremony was simple, but so elegant and moving. We would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone needing these type of services!"

Officiant's Home For Simple Intimate Weddings
I offer a special package for couples who want a simple intimate wedding with just the wedding couple and up to 2 guests. It includes use of the lanai of my home in Kapolei for the wedding ceremony for up to one hour,  a simple love centric wedding ceremony, and a sand unity ceremony.
WiFi is available if you wish to bring a laptop and hook up to Skype or Facetime or broadcast on Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube Live with loved ones who can not join you in person for your special day.
You may set up your phone or video camera to record the ceremony. I am willing to take a few photos with your camera or phone after the ceremony.  Contact me for more information.
Simple Intimate Vow Renewal at Officiant's Home $150
Simple Intimate Wedding at Officiant's Home $180

Wedding Client Margaret T. Quote: "Much Mahalo Kim! The ceremony was truly personal and intimate as we had liked for it to be. Thank you for taking our photos and for allowing us into your home to make this all possible. Without a doubt, we loved it all!"

Optional Ceremonies That Can Be Incorporated Into The Full Service Officiant Package

Unity Ceremonies
There are many unity ceremonies and wedding traditions from different cultures that can be incorporated into a full service wedding or vow renewal ceremony. All symbolize the joining of the two separate lives into one. Below are a few of the most popular. Choose to incorporate only what will be meaningful to both of you and make your ceremony special and specific to you as a couple:


Lei Exchange Ceremony
Sand Unity Ceremony
Beer Unity Ceremony
Water Unity Ceremony
Wine Unity Ceremony
Bread Breaking Unity Ceremony
Sandwich Unity Ceremony
Ice Cream Unity Ceremony
Salt & Peppercorn Unity Ceremony
Painting Unity Ceremony
Tree Planting Ceremony
Handfasting Unity Ceremony
Volcano Unity Ceremony
Hand Washing Ceremony
Feet Washing Ceremony
Butterfly Release


There is no additional charge to include as many unity ceremonies as you wish into the full service wedding officiant package.
I have wooden bowls for the sand unity ceremony available for use at no charge. The wedding couple is responsible for providing any other items used in any of the unity ceremonies they wish to incorporate.

Wedding Client Nicole K. Quote: "I swear you rocked the house yesterday and everyone loved our Beauty and the Beast themed ceremony. So much my aunty wants to frame the ceremony script for us! Thank you again so much Kim!"

Officiant For Fun Themed Weddings
Do you want to have a fun themed or costumed wedding based on a movie, tv show, book, fairy tale, time period, etc? With the full service wedding officiant package I will create a special ceremony for your themed or costumed wedding or vow renewal and officiate it with or without costume. 
Popular theme weddings include:

Zombie Killer
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
Dr Who
Time Travelers
The Princess Bride
Fantasy & Fairy Land
Medieval | Renaissance Fair
Halloween | Day of the Dead
Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas
The Little Mermaid


If you would like the officiant to be in a costume while officiating contact me with specific information on what you envision your wedding officiant looking like and I will research, acquire photos of costume options and provide you with a quote.

Wedding Clients Cher and Ernie B. Quote: "Thank you so much for presiding at our wedding. You did a great job and we were very happy with the vows and ceremony. Thank you for the information on how to get copies of the marriage certificate. We got rained on later during the reception but it was a wonderful day nonetheless. Thank you for being a part of our special day!"

Pre-Wedding Consultation
One hour of pre-wedding consultation service in person, phone, and/or by email is included with the full service wedding officiant services. Should you require additional consultation services exceeding the included 1 hour consultation, services will be billed at $75 per hour and any portion of.

Wedding Clients Jan M. Quote: "Kim is so awesome, she’s really a sweetheart. I’ve changed a few things a couple of times, being an excited bride to be, it was never a problem with Kim."


Travel Fee For Simple Wedding Officiant Services
For the simple wedding officiant package no travel fee is charged for ceremonies from Waikiki to Kapolei to Haleiwa. A travel fee of $50 is added for ceremonies: east of Waikiki, West of Kapolei, Windward Oahu, and North Shore areas past Haleiwa Beach Park.

Travel to wedding locations anywhere on Oahu is only included with the full service wedding officiant package.

Officiant's After Hour Fee
For both the simple and the full service wedding officiant packages if you require the wedding officiant's presence for longer than an hour after the agreed upon arrival time, like if there is a late start or if you would like them to attend the Rehearsal and/or Reception, there is a fee of $75 per hour billed in one hour increments.

Deposit To Secure the Officiate
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the officiant for a specific date for your ceremony. An invoice is sent using PayPal and can be paid using a debit card or credit card. This deposit is deducted from the balance which is due on the day of the ceremony.

About My Pricing 
Don't judge the wedding officiant you choose only on price, it won't matter how cheap a officiant is if they don't show up or if their ceremony doesn't reflect you as a couple. You would be surprised how many calls I get from panicked couples because their officiate canceled on them last minute. Having an officiate that is reliable is essential and I WILL be there! Please consider all of the time and work that goes into creating a meaningful custom ceremony for your special day. Pricing for my full service wedding officiant services includes more than just officiating on the day of the ceremony. I work with each couple in a phone or in person consultation to learn about the couple and what would make their ceremony meaningful and special to them. I make suggestions and answer questions. After the consultation I create a custom ceremony for each couple. I enjoy writing ceremonies and vows for couples and am happy to create specific themed ceremonies or just have a it be love centric theme. I provide wedding couples easy to follow instructions for applying for a Hawaii state marriage license. This is several hours of work even before the day of the ceremony. On the day of the ceremony I have to be early to be sure to be on time and have time to go over the ceremony plan before officiating the ceremony. Many hours and thoughtful work goes into officiating the ceremony for your special day. I am committed to creating and performing a thoughtful meaningful ceremony for each couple and being there as promised for your ceremony.

I will officiate your service anywhere... from the mountain tops to in the ocean. I will hike, swim, dress in costume, and perform unique themed non-religious ceremonies if requested. I offer the lanai of my home for small intimate ceremonies with just the couple and up to 2 guests at no additional charge.

To put things in perspective, most service professionals in Hawaii (like a mobile mechanic or electrician) charge at least $100+ just to show up before doing any work.
After working with me my couples tell me how grateful they are they chose me and how much my customized ceremonies meant to them and made their wedding/vow renewal so special. They appreciate that I have easy going attitude and am easy to work with. They are grateful to have someone willing to answer their questions and walk them through the confusing wedding process. Couples also like that I am flexible with changes and do not charge extra when changes are made. I look forward to working with you and creating a beautiful custom ceremony for your special day!

Wedding Client Anne G. Quote: "Kim is a real sweetheart!! She came to us at the last minute and it was no problem! Very down to earth and full of Aloha! Kim rocks!"

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