Hawaii Research Reference Resources

If you are doing a school paper on Hawaii or would just like to expand your Hawaii related knowledge below are some additional resources to assist in your research. There are even resources for teachers/parents who home school to bring a bit of Hawaii into the classroom and expand students knowledge about the Hawaiian Islands. Please note A Friend in the Islands is not affiliated with any of the web sites that are linked below and we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on these web sites. Please let us know if the link no longer works.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii
Our own collection of answers to questions we often receive about Hawaii and things related to Hawaii.


Hawaii Weather
7-day Island Forecast, Hawaii Storm Tracking, Daily Historical Weather Comparisons,  Daily Sunrise and Sunset Times, Moon Phases Information, and Daily Air Pollution Index.


Pacific Tsunami Museum
Research and information on Tsunami's of the Pacific with amazing photos of the 1946, 1952, 1957, 1960, 1975, & 1978 Tsunami's that hit the Hawaiian Islands.


The Hawaiian Royal Family
Information about Kamehameha I through Kamehameha V, Lunalilio, Kalakaua, and Liliu’okalani. Also provides an excellent list of related books recommended for reading if you would like to know more about the Royalty of Hawaii.


Surfing Heritage and Culture Museum
Surfing was enjoyed by royalty in Ancient Hawaiian times and is enjoyed today by people world wide of all walks of life, young and old, male and female. Find out more about the history and the culture of the past and today!


Sharks in Hawaii
Information on sharks found around the Hawaiian Islands.


Hawaii Canoe Plants
Today's guide to yesterday's life-sustaining plants carried by early Polynesian voyagers in their canoes.


Native Plants used as Medicine in Ancient Hawaii

What natural remedies Ancient Hawaiians used to cure their ailments.


Ethnobotany Database
The Bishop Museum hosts a catalog of endemic and introduced plants and their uses including photos and in depth information.


Hawaii Coral Reef Network
Information about Hawaii’s coral ecology, Marine Life in Hawaii, and Coral Reefs of Hawaii.


DBET State of Hawaii Data Book

Information and statistics on:  population, Health, Education, Law Enforcement – Courts and Prisons, Geography and Environment, Land Use and Ownership, Recreation and Travel, Elections, Government Finances and Employment, National Defense, Social Insurance and Human Services, Labor Force – Employment and Earnings, Income – Expenditures and Wealth, Prices, Banking- Business – Enterprise, Communications, Energy and Science, Transportation, Agriculture, Forest – Fisheries- Mining, Construction and Housing, Manufacturers, Domestic Trade and Services, Foreign and Interstate Commerce.


Hawaiian Sovereignty

Information and resources relating to the native Hawaiian sovereignty movement.


Mauna Kea Weather Center

Log of past weather conditions as well as current weather conditions at the summit. Still photos and time laps photos of summit. Satellite images, presentation videos, and lots of other interesting information about the work going on at the Mauna Kea weather center.


List of Museums in Hawaii
Wikipedia provides an extensive list of museums within the Hawaiian Islands with links to their websites if known.

Lesson plan outlines and resources for
teachers and parents who home school:

Bishop Museum Education Department
Resources for teachers including an extensive online learning center!


DLNR Coloring book of Hawaiian Endangered Animals to Print Out
The animals featured are special because these animals are not found any other place besides Hawaii. Choose from a Hawaiian Monk Seal, Hawaiian Goose, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Hawaiian Honeycreeper, Hawaiian Stilt, Oahu Tree Snail, Hawaiian Owl, and Hawaiian Hoary Bat


United States Geological Society
Lesson plans and resources for K-6 on General Biology, Amphibians, Birds, Ecosystems, Mammals, Geography, Topographic Maps, Map Tools, Satellite Images, Thematic Maps, Land Use History, Historic Exploration of the United States, Geology, Geomagnetism, Astronomy and Astrogeology, Plate Tectonics, Rocks and Minerals, Weathering and Erosion, Fossils and Earth History, Caverns and Caves, Coastal Environments, Global Change, Natural Hazards, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Landslides, Volcanoes, and Water.


How Volcanoes Work
Sponsored by NASA and provides resources on Eruption Dynamics, Volcanic Landforms, Eruption Products, Eruption Types, Historical Eruptions, Volcanism On Other Worlds, and a Volcano Crossword.


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