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Special touches of Aloha
turn a good luau into an amazing luau!
Below are tips and suggestions to easily create a luau or Hawaii theme celebration anywhere!

The Hawaiian word "Lu'au" (pronounce loo-ow) means 'a feast'. A luau is not necessarily a public affair on the luau grounds of a Hotel. For the people who live in the Hawaiian Islands a luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy good food, good company, and good times! There may or may not be spontaneous ukulele or guitar playing by uncle, with everyone singing, and auntie dancing the hula.
Luaus are a fun way to enjoy quality family time and are especially held for occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, bridal & baby showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings receptions, family reunions, class reunions and more. You can enjoy a fun authentic Hawaiian luau with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. The atmosphere at a luau is "Hang Loose". Luaus are ideal if you are planning a party with many people meeting for the first time. Your guests are more relaxed right from the start. We offer a wealth of information to assist you in hosting a Hawaii theme party anytime, anywhere...

Send Hawaii Theme Invitations to Your Luau Guests
You can create your own luau invitations using your home computer and printer or add touches of Hawaii to professionally printed invitations. You can incorporate popular words and phrases as well as translate guests first names into Hawaiian.
Click here to review our resource of popular Hawaiian words and phrase.
Click here to review our resource of first names into Hawaiian.

Encourage Your Luau Guests to Wear Hawaiian Attire
Hawaiian attire is very popular and many people have a Hawaiian shirt or dress in their wardrobe, especially those who have visited Hawaii. Since Hawaiian attire is popular many stores offer it. Thrift stores are also a great resource for Hawaii attire. The internet also makes acquiring Hawaii attire anywhere just a click away.

The Guest of Honor Should Wear A Lei
In the Hawaiian culture a lei is a garland or necklace and they are typically made of real flowers, silk flowers, nuts, shells, leaves, or feathers. A lei can acknowledge someone of great importance, such as a guest of honor. A lei can also be given to express love, appreciation and show respect. If all of the guests will also be wearing leis the guest of honor should wear a different lei or a fancier to make them stand out. For men who do not want to wear flowers popular masculine leis are maile leis or kukui nut leis. Maile leis are green leafy vine looking leis. Kukui nut leis are made from the nut of the state tree and in ancient Hawaiian times were only give to people of great importance since they were very sacred. Silk leis, kukui nut leis and shell leis which are a nice economical alternative to fresh leis which require expensive express shipping and special packaging.

Most Popular Lifelike Silk Flower Leis: Plumeria, Rainbow Bougainvillea, Puakenikeni-Pakalana-Pikake, Shell Ginger

Most Popular Masculine Forever Leis: Kukui Nut, Silk Maile

Have a Hula Girl or Girls Welcome Your Luau Guests with Leis
If you would like to adorn all of your luau guests in leis a great thing to do is have one or a few girls dress in Hawaii attire or as hula girls and greet each guest as they arrive with a lei. Silk leis, nut leis, or shell leis are the most economical options when you plan to adorn a number of people in leis. Shell leis are the most cost effective lei available and make great keepsakes from the luau.

Most popular forever leis for guests: Silk Rainbow Lei, Dovetail Shell with Cowry Shell Lei, Kukui Nut Lei

Use Loose Blooms to Decorate
Lifelike silk loose plumeria blooms are great to use to decorate, they really turn an area into a tropical paradise. They can also be used to decorate buffet displays, dining tables, the bar, lawns, and dance floor. Combine the loose blooms with items like Hawaiian Kissing Couple s&p shakers, hula wigglers, tropical wooden bowls with macadamia nuts and pineapple hard candy, Hawaii theme guest book, silk, kukui nut or shell leis and fresh pineapples or flowers to create festive table centerpieces and guest book table decorations. Encourage your guests to pick up a loose bloom and for the men put them in a button hole. For the ladies they can easily put them in their hair by using bobby pins.

centrpc1.jpg (54633 bytes)

Create Tropical Table Centerpieces
Easily create tropical centerpieces for your luau using items like Hawaiian kissing couple s&p shakers, dashboard hula wigglers, fresh pineapples, lifelike silk plumeria blooms, tropical wooden bowls with macadamia nuts and pineapple hard candy, candles in real bamboo or coconut shells, Hawaiian Warrior Helmets, and silk, kukui nut or shell leis. They really set the Hawaii mood and then you can give items like fresh pineapples, Hawaiian kissing couple figurines and dashboard hula wigglers away as game or door prizes to your guests at the end of the luau.
Click here to view MORE PHOTOS of other table centerpiece suggestions you can easily create.

arch1.jpg (33259 bytes) bambooarch2.jpg (19106 bytes) bambooarchwithorchids.jpg (27187 bytes)

Use Strands of Flowers to Decorate Arches, Alters, and Isles at the Ceremony
Strands of flowers are the easiest way to add a tropical touch to arches, line the isle, decorate fences and table skirts and more.

Above a circle of flowers is shown. Ideal for marking the area announcements will be made from, creating an extra special atmosphere around the person of honor, or a photo location for guests to capture festive memories from the celebration. The circle of flowers shown above is created using 2 10-foot long open silk plumeria strands and 40 loose silk plumeria blooms.


Tiki Torches Make Great Decorations for Day or Evening Luaus
Tiki Torches are a great way to add a tropical atmosphere. If the luau is in the evening the torches can be lit, if the luau is during the day the tiki torch makes a great flower arrangement holder. To use as a flower arrangement holder as shown above remove the fuel holder and put the fresh or silk flower stems in it's place. Orchid sprays, shower tree branches, anthuriums and other tropical flowers are great for tiki torch flower displays. Silk leis, especially silk ankle/wrist leis, are ideal for tying on to the torch stand to add more tropical flare. Lightweight chiffon fabric can also be tied between the tiki torches to create an isle, section off areas, etc. Tiki torches are typically available in home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes and can also be found in the patio section of stores like Walmart and Kmart.

Have Candles in Real Coconut Shell or Bamboo on the Tables
For evening luaus candles in real bamboo or coconut shells are great to place on the tables and fill the air with the fragrance of Hawaii.

luau5.jpg (14125 bytes)

Provide Name Tags for Your Guests
with Their First Name Translated Into Hawaiian

Luau guests find it fun to learn what their name would be in Hawaiian. Using your home computer and printer create name tags using label stickers. Print on them your guests first names translated into Hawaiian.
Click here for phonetic translations of first names into Hawaiian.

Hawaii Flower Behind the Ear Tradition
Have lifelike silk plumeria blooms available for your guests to wear behind their ear. The tradition in Hawaii is if you are single the flower should be worn behind the right ear and if you are taken then the flower should be worn behind the left ear. 

Use Fun Items for Food and Beverage Presentation 
Rather than using a typical cooler to store your canned and bottled beverages fill up a plastic or blow up kiddy pool with ice and use that!
Instead of typical serving bowls and platters to serve punch, salads, macadamia nuts treats, chips, or other buffet items use large sea shells or beach pails as a fun alternative. Small shells are great to hold condiments like salt and pepper.
Use grass skirts to go around the outside of tables.
Use fish nets and sea shells to decorate tables, the patio and/or dance floor areas.
Use beach sand or pool filter sand to the decorate patio and/or dance floor area.
Rather than using sand to decorate food display tables and dining tables where it could get into food use brown sugar instead.

luau9.jpg (34639 bytes)luau11.jpg (14218 bytes)

Serve Popular Luau Foods 
Introduce your luau guests to foods and beverages which are favorites in the Hawaiian Islands by serving items such as kalua pig, teriyaki beef, mahi-mahi, laulau, mochiko chicken, shoyu chicken, huli-huli chicken, chicken long rice, potato-mac salad, lomi lomi salmon, haupia, macadamia nut cream pie, mochi, mai tais, and blue Hawaiians. We offer recipes for these and more so you can make them yourself or hire a caterer to make them for you. We also offer recipes specific to having a luau theme Thanksgiving dinner and a luau theme Christmas party.

If you go to a luau in the Hawaiian Islands you are usually able to see how an entire pig is roasted underground in a traditional Hawaiian imu pit which is an underground oven. It takes a day to prepare the imu pit and a day to slow roast the pig in the pit. It is a lot of work but the meat just falls off the bones and is very tender and delicious. This roasted pig is called kalua pig. We offer directions on making kalua pig using an authentic Hawaiian imu pit. We also offer easier methods for making kalua pig by oven roasting it or using a slow cooker in our popular luau foods recipes.
To view recipes for popular luau foods and beverages click here.
To view recipes for having a luau theme Thanksgiving click here.
To view recipes and games for having a luau theme Christmas party click here.
To view instructions on cooking with a traditional Hawaiian imu pit click here.

Serve Poi, A Traditional Hawaiian Luau Item
Poi is a starch food that typically accompanies an authentic Hawaiian luau. Poi was eaten by the ancient Hawaiians and is attributed to keeping them so healthy. It is still enjoyed by people in Hawaii as a side dish or a snack. Poi accompanies dishes like Kalua pig and laulau really well. Poi is made from the taro root which is similar looking to a yam root. To make poi the taro root is pounded repeatedly with a heavy rock or wooden implement called a poi pounder and mixed with a little water at a time until the taro is mashed and the consistency of pudding. Poi is purple in color and is traditionally eaten with the fingers. Eating taro can be compared to having mashed potatoes with a meal but is much healthier for you. For your luau you may now want to pound your poi yourself since it is a lot of work. There is now an easier way to get poi then pounding it, it is to make it from dehydrated poi. It is 100% taro which was made into poi then all the water is removed to create the powdered poi. You only need to add water to the powdered poi and you instantly have authentic Hawaiian poi without all the work of having to pound it yourself.

luau6.jpg (30684 bytes)

Serve Tropical Fruits from Hawaii
Pineapples are delicious and good for you. They are high in vitamin C and have an enzyme that aides in digestion. A tip for serving fresh pineapples is to leaving the skin on cut the top off then cute each pineapple into quarters length wise. You can then cut the quarter into portions but don't cut it all the way through the skin. The skin will act as a serving bowl and each quarter can be put on a table. Those who want some can easily break off a single serving portion. 
To create Pineapple Boats by taking a whole pineapple with the skin and top still on and cut it in half lengthwise. Scoop/cut out the pineapple meat leaving the skin and top. Then fill each pineapple half with the pineapple pieces and other fruits like sliced banana, apples slices, grapes, strawberries, etc.
Pineapples make a great item to stick fruit skewers into for serving. Create fruit skewers using items like different kinds of melon, kiwi, pineapple chunks, papaya, and strawberries. Then stick the skewer pointy end into the pineapple to serve.

Papaya are another delicious tropical fruit popular in the Hawaiian Islands. Papaya are great sliced into spears and served on their own or cut into cubes and put into a fruit salad or on fruit skewers. Fresh papaya also makes a great salsa! Fresh papaya are also healthy for you and contains enzymes which are excellent for your digestive system. They are a perfect complement to any luau!

Decorate the Luau Cake With a Hawaii Flare
Use adorable Hawaiian figurines, lifelike silk plumeria blooms, and silk leis to easily turn any plain cake into a tropical delight! Whether you bake the cake yourself or get a store bought cake this is a simple but impressive way to decorate the cake for your luau.
Click here for popular luau cake recipes.

Serenade Your Luau Guests with Hawaiian Music
Hawaiian bands are all over the USA and you can hire a band to play live for your guests. You can also play cds of Hawaiian music or play streaming Hawaiian music on your computer.  
Click here to review Hawaiian radio stations you can listen to on your computer.

Hire a Hula Dancer to Perform or Teach Hula
Hula dancing is popular all over the world. We offer a resource of listing for hula performers for hire where you can have them come to dance for your guests or even teach them a few hula moves! You don't have to hire a professional hula dancer, you can learn how to hula and teach your guests! We offer information on basic hula moves.
Click here to view information on basic hula moves.

luau16.jpg (17380 bytes)

Hire a Fire Knife Dancer to Perform
Fire knife dancing is a popular event at a luau but it is not actually a Hawaiian tradition, it is Samoan. But it is spectacular to see! We offer a resource of listing for fire knife performers for hire where you can have them come to dance for your guests.

Offer a Hula Outfit or Outfits for Luau Guests to Wear for Photos
A fun way to get luau guests in the mood is to put on Hawaiian music and offer a few hula outfits, maybe real coconut bra, and silk leis for them to put on and try a few hula moves. It makes for great photos and lots of laughs. A Hula outfit is also great thing to have the guest of honor wear at a little girl luau parties!

Look for me to read how others have benefited from these suggestions!CUSTOMER COMMENT FROM SOMEONE WHO HELD A LUAU USING OUR TIPS, FRESH LEIS, HULA SKIRT, & COCONUT BRA: 
My deluxe liberty lei and deluxe haku (“head wreath” as everyone kept calling it) were absolutely gorgeous and I received several compliments. The hula skirt and coconut bra I ordered was a source of entertainment for all. I decided to wear something with a little more coverage than it provided. I ended up hanging it on the wall for decoration and before the night was over most of the MEN had put it on and performed the “hula”. But, I don’t think what they were doing could REALLY qualify as the “hula”! (The hula dancer shown in the photo has a wig on that I just happen to have handy!) - Terry C, Arkansas

Play Fun Hawaii Theme Games
Entertain your guests by playing fun Hawaii theme games that everyone will enjoy like the tacky tourist relay, toss the coconut, musical beach towels, hula hoop races, judge who has the loudest aloha shirt and more!
To view suggestions for Hawaii theme games click here.
To view suggestions for Hawaii theme Christmas games click here.

luau13.jpg (7821 bytes)

Provide Fun Photo Opportunities for Luau Guests
Luaus are a lot of fun and should provide for a lot of fun photo memories. Have a digital camera handy and be sure your batteries are well charged. Encourage your guests to bring their camera or have a few disposable cameras on hand for guests to use. A fun thing to do for your guests is to have a photo station set up where your guests get a keepsake photo taken. Fun ideas for a photo station are:
- set up a Hawaii scenic backdrop and have guests take photos as they enter
- offer guests items they can put on for the photo like a hula skirt, mu'u mu'u, beach hat, silk leis, snorkel mask and flippers, oversized sunglasses, wigs, etc. Offer props like a boogie board, beach ball, surfboard, inflatable floaties, etc. An ironing board makes a great make shift surfboard so your guests can hang ten for a fun photo!
- Make a fake giant wave or Hawaiian scene with a face cut out. If you are creative you can do this using plywood, cardboard or and old sheet for the backdrop and paint, poster paint or markers to decorate it.

Have a Hawaii Theme Guest book for Guests to Sign
Set up a guest book table with a Hawaii theme guest book. Have them provide their email address so you can email them photos from the luau as well as thank them for attending. If you have loose blooms on your guest book table you can also have a sign on the table asking your guests to please sign the guest book and take an bloom for behind their ear or for their button hole. You can create a festive guest book table by using a Hawaii theme guest book, Hawaiian kissing couple s&p shakers, dashboard hula wigglers, fresh pineapples, lifelike silk plumeria blooms, tropical wooden bowls with macadamia nuts and pineapple hard candy, candles in real bamboo or coconut shells, Hawaiian Warrior Helmets, and silk, kukui nut or shell leis.

Look for me to read how others have benefited from these suggestions!CUSTOMER COMMENT: "Our 50th Anniversary (Midwest) Hawaiian Luau went so well last week. We are especially grateful to you for making that so.  We utilized almost every aspect of your luau tips - from menus to games and especially to the flowers and ti leaves. I was so skeptical about the leis arriving safely and fresh - and they turned out wonderfully.  In Iowa a lei is a real rarity and especially appreciated....and using the ti leaves on the tables produced a wonderful backdrop for the fruit centerpieces. Well, you get the idea. We had a very successful party, and couldn't have done it nearly so well without your tips and services. Mahalo is the best way to conclude!" Jim & Joe W., Iowa

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